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  • Smoke / Grill / BBQ
  • Built from heavy duty 3/16" plate steel, left raw for aesthetics and patina
  • Small footprint with a huge cooking capacity - over 1000 sq inches of rack space
  • Use wood, charcoal or a combination of both
  • Includes a high quality Tel-Tru temperature gauge, 3 probe ports (probes not included) and 3 heavy duty stainless cooking racks
  • Efficient burns and easy to use

The Caveman Cooker / Smoker is unique in that it is not a vertical smoker nor is it a cabinet cooker. The Caveman is a fully engineered, one of kind, smoking/bbq convection masterpiece. Although it burns traditional type fuels such as hardwood and charcoal, this is where the similarities end to any other type of offset/vertical/cabinet/propane/pellet cooker. The Caveman has a heat chase that creates an indirect cross convection that produces more flavorful cooks, in less time, with far less effort than anything else comparable. Traditional long smokes and short cooks are decreased by approx 1/3 of the time and with far less fire management than anything else available. The Caveman Cooker will turn you into a backyard pit master and the envy of your neighborhood.